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CLICK HERE and listen to "George Street", the story of an old man who handed out gospel tracts. It's under 10 minutes long. Listen and be amazed. You might even want to do something! :) 

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2012 Missions

The following is a list of short missions you can go on to promote the 2012 site and help it reach and keep a high ranking for Internet searches on this topic. While the focus at this time is on the 2012 site, the missions below can also be applied to any of our other sites. They are simply common ways to promote any website that is created. The more Christians who catch the vision for how this works and get involved, the more we will be able to CAST THE GOSPEL NET OVER THE INTERNET.

1. Pray – We would be very grateful if you were able to set aside even 5-10 minutes for focused prayer on this situation.

2. Visit endoftheworld2012 and go to the 2012 Blog page (the blog link is the 6th one down in the menu on the left). While you are on the 2012 Blog page, sign up for the RSS Feed. This makes a BIG difference! You will be telling search engines that this site is so important you that as soon as fresh content is posted in the blog, you want it downloaded instantly to your email “In-box”. Of course, after you’ve read it you can delete it like any other email you receive but because the “Feed” is still live, it sends a message to search engines that this site is important to you. The result typically is that it rewards that site with a better page rank – and this is what we are trying to do.

3. Become a member of the website (it’s free). New memberships send a positive message to search engines about how important the site is.

4. Sign in as a member of the above site and start posting in the forums. Forum activity brings fresh content to the site and search engines like fresh content.

5. Interact with other members on the site

6. Post comments on the 2012 Blog page (you don’t have to agree with everything, just post a thoughtful comment in a respectful manner). Blog interaction get’s Google’s attention.

7. If you haven’t done so already, send this link to your pastor: and this link to all your Christians friends:

8. Post the following link on Blogs and Forums Possibly something new for some of you but it’s really not that hard. To do this, do a Google search for “2012 Blog” and “2012 Forum”. For the blogs, you may not need to sign up as a member to leave a post but just post as a guest (you normally need to leave an email address but this is kept private). A Forum will almost always require you to sign up as a member but this is free. When you post in 2012 Blogs and Forums, you are posting to people who are already interested in the 2012 topic so they are more likely to click on the link you leave. Of course, don’t just leave the link but leave a brief comment as well (even if it’s just, “check out the website, I think it’s worth a look”). Currently, we have 1,661 websites linking back to our 2012 site. The more sites that link back to us, the better our search engine page rank will be.

9. Leave a link. This is similar to number 8 above. All that is really involved here is just looking out for an opportunity to leave a link to the 2012 website WHEREEVER you are on the net: Facebook, MySpace, Beebo, where ever you go on the Internet.

10. Send an email to non-Christian friends and contacts with an invitation to “check this out” and leave the link to the 2012 site.

11. Under your email signature place the link to the 2012 site. You can’t keep emailing people an invitation to visit the site but if you just have the link tucked under your email signature, people will get curious and without you hassling them, some will eventually click the link.

12. Bookmark the 2012 site in your browser

13. Click the Facebook “Like” button when you are on the 2012 site.

14. Visit the 2012 site’s Facebook page and leave a comment, interact with other comments. Here is the direct link to the 2012 Facebook page:

15. Visit the 2012 site occasionally and just browse the pages, watch the videos

16. When you are on a page that you find especially interesting, click one of the “Share…” images that you will see in the “Side Panel” right (it’s towards the top of the page). If you’re a Facebook member, use the Facebook sharing option. This is not the Facebook “Like” button but a “Share” button that will post a link to the page you are on at the time directly to your Facebook page.